Sunday, 5 September 2010


Hiia (: Well I'm just going to start by saying, I'm sorry i haven't done a blog update in so long ! Last blog was April :O SHOCKING !! I know ;] Well im back on track as im really gettin' into this blogging mode! Speaking of things that im into,Ii found this website called ' LookBook ' and everybody's probably knows what im on about well I only found the website a couple of weeks
ago, && I'm lovin' it ( as Corin would say ) here are a few pictures I uploaded ;D Posing I guess...

Hoped you liked them :D haaa, well check me out ;] CLICKKHEREFORLOOKBOOK
Well im off my lovelys more blogs later :) Till next time...... hugsandkisses!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Red Nails!

Just Uploading a Red Nails Tutorial, its going to be for short nails because
Obv i have short nails :D But you can do this o long nails too! So it should be up soon, it says 45 Min's !! Which is better than what it said yesterday, (last night) it said it was going to take 200 Min's to! that's like 4hours :O!!

Picture ^_^
So i have saw girls who aren't `YouTube Partnership` Have a thumbnail, and what they do is they put a picture on the end of the video for like 3 Min's, and then YouTube selects a thumbnail and one of them three, will be one of your picture, [ If this makes sense ] :D So i thought i would give it a try! So Hopefully one of the three will be the picture! I will give you an annotation on the video, saying what time the tutorial Finishes! :)

So Another Blog Soon, Please Follow me on
twitter and my youtube !!!
Thank You My Lovelys

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Well from Thursday, (now Saturday) i went on holiday with my mom and dad, We went shopping and i found these adorable things.

This dress is so lovely, it looks gorgeous on!! It was such a bargain, It was £2.95, from this little shop in Burnham-On-Sea, Its my favourite dress ;D Then the shoes were £12.99 reduced to £8 in the sale at the shop, in Wells (: The shoes are abit big, because there a 5, and im a four. but i'll just get in'soles. I did get a ring too, but didnt take a picture of it, it was a silver ring with a big black round stone in the middle with a pattern round the sides, and it was only a POUND!! Yes just £1. I'll try and take a picture, and show you!!So that's all for now, i'll try and get another blog up tonight !! Thanks for reading ;D

Bye Dolls.

Monday, 22 March 2010


OMDSS, i havnt done a blog in ages, sorry !! been busy and stuff :)) well hows everyone ? Gosh i have like 181 subscribers to my youtube now, i love everyone of youu :D some people might think thats not alot but to me it is, !!♥

Well found this photo out, it was at my aunties 40th birthday Party, god i have changed, megan [ right ] me [ left ] it was a great night, had such a laughh, we ordered a indian at like half 1ishh 2ish :D haa,
anywaysss, going now `Glee` is on in a sec, omd's i love Glee¬ its only just been released here (UK) but it came out everywhere else ages agoo, bummer!! ooh'well:)

BYEEEE, loveyoulotseveryonee♥

Saturday, 13 February 2010


Just uploading a video, it takes ages, seriously :D


Omg i woke up today, and my mom said the rechargeable battery's have come, and i jumped out of my warm bed, and ran down stairs :D So now i can to like vanity (makeup collection) vids, and stuff like that. because before it was hard to do it with my laptop (N) but now all my vids will be great HQ!! :)

So Yeh' im going to stop rambling on again, but as you know im just uploading a video to youtube, so check it out later. Another blog will be posted later on tonight :)

BYEE!! ♥

Thursday, 11 February 2010


heloo everyone, this is my blog channel, and I'll try and post a blog everyday ! So i did have a
youtube called "lydsbeautytips" but i just wanted to start fresh, and i just hated the name! so i thought i would create a new one, which i have "lydialovesmakeup" i LOVE my new account,


So Yeh' emm, well i am just editing some vids right now, using Cyberlink Power Director 8 dulxe. its a very good program to use to create and edit videos on, but i just need to learn how to use it properly


Well i got these super long lashes from poundland, Yeh' poundland, i was shopping with my sister at the time and i was like "OMG" there only a pound!! ::P

SOOO! im going to stop rambling on now, new post will be up tomorrow, along with a youtube video!! so Yeh, LOVEYOUALL :)