Sunday, 25 April 2010

Red Nails!

Just Uploading a Red Nails Tutorial, its going to be for short nails because
Obv i have short nails :D But you can do this o long nails too! So it should be up soon, it says 45 Min's !! Which is better than what it said yesterday, (last night) it said it was going to take 200 Min's to! that's like 4hours :O!!

Picture ^_^
So i have saw girls who aren't `YouTube Partnership` Have a thumbnail, and what they do is they put a picture on the end of the video for like 3 Min's, and then YouTube selects a thumbnail and one of them three, will be one of your picture, [ If this makes sense ] :D So i thought i would give it a try! So Hopefully one of the three will be the picture! I will give you an annotation on the video, saying what time the tutorial Finishes! :)

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Thank You My Lovelys

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