Monday, 22 March 2010


OMDSS, i havnt done a blog in ages, sorry !! been busy and stuff :)) well hows everyone ? Gosh i have like 181 subscribers to my youtube now, i love everyone of youu :D some people might think thats not alot but to me it is, !!♥

Well found this photo out, it was at my aunties 40th birthday Party, god i have changed, megan [ right ] me [ left ] it was a great night, had such a laughh, we ordered a indian at like half 1ishh 2ish :D haa,
anywaysss, going now `Glee` is on in a sec, omd's i love Glee¬ its only just been released here (UK) but it came out everywhere else ages agoo, bummer!! ooh'well:)

BYEEEE, loveyoulotseveryonee♥