Thursday, 11 February 2010


heloo everyone, this is my blog channel, and I'll try and post a blog everyday ! So i did have a
youtube called "lydsbeautytips" but i just wanted to start fresh, and i just hated the name! so i thought i would create a new one, which i have "lydialovesmakeup" i LOVE my new account,


So Yeh' emm, well i am just editing some vids right now, using Cyberlink Power Director 8 dulxe. its a very good program to use to create and edit videos on, but i just need to learn how to use it properly


Well i got these super long lashes from poundland, Yeh' poundland, i was shopping with my sister at the time and i was like "OMG" there only a pound!! ::P

SOOO! im going to stop rambling on now, new post will be up tomorrow, along with a youtube video!! so Yeh, LOVEYOUALL :)

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